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After a year of in-depth research, design and engineering, we introduced our latest tool, Mixer, in late October. We knew it would be a powerful tool for expression, enabling creators to play with color in a new and natural way that, up until then, had only been available in the analog world.
Drawing inspiration from the familiar, tangible experience of mixing paint, we made something we were truly excited about and one we couldn’t wait to share.
Since launching the Mixer six weeks ago, six million colors have been created in Paper. Magazine editors have used it to make playful sketches of fashion icons; math teachers have used the Mixer to highlight equations; makers all over, from first-timers to professionals, have unzipped a world of color.
Fast Company examined the science behind our Mixer and Co.Design explored the thought process which led us to believe (or rather, remember) that it’s simply more fun, more intuitive to create colors instead of ‘picking’ them.
 Paper is alive with color because of creators like you. Thank you.
Made With Paper by tinyimplications, Zhen Zeng and Ovidiu Zaharia.

Have You Met Zee Captain?

by $techgnotic


Sep 19, 2012 by :devtechgnotic:

The chaptered comic strip, has been collected into a 100-page graphic novel – and to the still-uninitiated:

It is not quite like anything you’ve probably ever seen before. The story follows “Zee Captain” and his sidekicks as they amble through a post-apocalyptic landscape. And while that hardly seems new and different, it’s the unusually superlative graphic quality of the comic cells and the Monty Pythonesque dialogues and leaps of logic that can become quite mesmerizing. Zee Captain, his face hidden by a gas mask that gives him a Darth Vaderish look, wears

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La première de l’année!

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